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This week on the show Andy talks about DIY animation. He sits down with two local animators, Stephen Muchiri and Alex Keown. We go through not only the ins and outs of making pictures move, we also dive into what it means to be an artist.

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This week on the show we explore how we write and how it inspires us to create things. Guests this week include Ziemba and HNRY FLWR (who both also perform), as well as Jessica Leach creator of Basement Babes and good friend of DIWHY. Featured visual DIRT LUX hangs and explains his artwork.

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DIWHY is a radio show, podcast, and now a public access show about the ethics and morals behind doing it yourself. We explore why people choose to create themselves and why its better then everything else. Hangout with us and explore how they relate to your real actual life. Each week we bring in a few guests to help explain our weekly topic.