Champions going to the big show!!!


Dead Trains

Girl Bandit

John E Funk and The Skunks

The Contest Of Champions will consist of a song submission period where bands will be allowed to submit an mp3 and their reason for doing it themselves. Submissions will then be reviewed by The DIWHY crew as well as our sponsors/collaborates (Audio Geography Studios, WEMF Radio, and Bummer City Historical Society). After the final deadline of Feb 29th submissions will be compiled and a top ten will be put into an online vote. There bands can have fans vote to get them to the top 4. The top 4 of the poll will move on to the final contest a live performance April 16th at Out Of The Blue Art Gallery. After the bands performances they will be judged by a to be announced panel which will decide our winner and CHAMPION.

If you have any other questions regarding the competition please email us at


First Place

  • 7" Record (Recorded via WEMF Studios) and (Pressed via Audio Geography Studios)   
  • A Live Performance Video from Sound It Out Sessions
  •  Live Interview on DIWHY
  • 200 Pins
  •  WEMF Swag Bag

Second Place

  • Live Interview on DIWHY
  • 200 pins
  • WEMF Swag Bag

Third Place

  • 100 pins
  • WEMF Swag Bag