Season 1- Building Your Band

Here's where it all began these first episodes of the show will always hold a place in our hearts. In these early podcasts we tried to tackle the ins and outs of starting a band. We cover topics from your first show to your first tour. Music is where we began listen to us and Andy get their feet and start to grow!


Season 2- The Reasons Why

The second season and we start to get introspective. Being in a creative world you sometimes hit road blocks. Sometimes you have to look inwards and find the reason you choose to do it in the first place. Episodes this season tackle topics such as growing up, activism, and even get deep about Ska! 


Season 3- Whatever I'm Feeling

Ok so one year went by and we started to think...who else does it themselves. We focused on music because that's what we knew. This season we decided its time to learn. We talk anxiety, art, age, and even sit down with a real life bard. Season 3 we really started to explore what it meant to do it yourself.


Season 4- Why Do You Do It?

This season Andy explored the individuals we have on air. We feel as though everyone has a lesson to teach. Andy sits down with a bunch of amazing bands and asks them why they do it themselves! Also featured on this season regular guests Louis Roe and James Ikeda of The Bummer City Historical Society telling us what topic they are talking about weekly.


Season 5- BIG PLANS

Bigger is better, bigger amps, bigger pizzas, bigger shows. Season 5 the show really grows. Joining the this season are amazing co-hosts Sarah Dizio and Davidson Weston. They join Andy to do some of our funnest show yet. We throw a live open mic, Sarah and Davidson sit down and interview Andy and even have time to talk stand up comedy!


Live  on DIWHY Seasons 1-3
Some of our favorite performances and tips from our first few seasons listen to the greatness below!