DIWHY Season 4 - Episode 10

This week I get crazy about the future. Specifically the future of music, BABY METAL!!! Listen to me try and explain how music is evolving and how Baby Metal is the band of the future. Oh, and I also talk to two amazing bands, Roz and The Ricecakes and Digisaurus. Both bands kill it on their set and both get in depth with me about how they write music, where their diy ethics come from, and where they think the future of music lies. Bummer City also on the show keeping us up to date with their lives and their take on Baby Metal. Also check out Baby Metal! 


1. Eddie Golden III - Somethin' Else
2. Black Death Allstars - Lights In The City
3. Nice Try - President
4. Little Musket - Bee Charmer Northeastern
5. Squinch Owl - Meet Mee There
6. Rye Pines - Dissonance as a Young Man