DIWHY Season 4 - Episode 2

Episode 2 brings together some of my favorite buds from Rockland, MA. Welcome Brian Huntress (Boxersjaw), Justin Arena (TJAP), And Devin Bailey (Running Laps) into your ears. Listen to me get to the bottom of why they do it themselves. Alongside our wonderful guests The Bummer City Historical Society came in to talk topics, this week we talked about etiquette for audiences when watching shows! Listen below and always listen live Sunday 2-4pm on wemfradio.com.

The Max Levine Ensemble - FireTower!
The Thin Heir - I Wash My Hands
Listener - My Five Year Plan

Defiance, Ohio - Tanks, Tanks, Tanks
Midtown Dickens - Annihilation
Country Death - Graveyard
Roar - Christmas Kids
Jon Stone - Evolution No 1
Felix and Volcano - You're Nobody Til' Somebody Writes A Wikipedia Article About You
Sexy Coyote - La Fin
Kid Mountain - Parashootin