DIWHY Season 4 - Episode 3

DIWHY season 4 episode 3: Secret Boston/Rictus Grin

You keep doing it yourself eventually you find others who do the same. DIWHY episode three, well I wan't to say this week felt like we were all sort of on the same page. Our musical guests Rictus Grin (Pogo,Party,Punk) stroll in with a thirty rack of pbr ready to get this shit happening! Jared from Secret Boston was also in we  talked the where the culture of Boston hides, his favorite spots for a good hangover, and how Boston is one of the best places to be creative. So like I said Rictus Grin brought in a thirty rack and three hot tracks to premiere live on the show! They premiered 3 brand new songs from their upcoming album. Which you can find during their interview in the podcasts. I talked to them about why they find a family in the music scene and why they choose to do it themselves. As always Bummer City Historical Society was right there with me to close out the show with our weekly topic. This weeks topic, Etiquette when asking for help.  Basically we talk back and fourth about what's the proper way to reach out to someone. If its a person who books shows, a band who plays them, a gallery to hang your painting. We give you some tips fro when you need to ask for help. Lastly Ray from The Ghost Of Electricity gave a new song off his album to play on air. Listen to the podcast below and always listen live Sundays from       2-4pm on wemfradio.com

Songs (In order):

2 Ton Bug- Hurricane Lemmy
Dude Stew- Bathroom Walls
Utopia Park- First Evil/Weird Life
The Ghost Of Electricity- The Ritual
Troll 2- Silver Specs
Brittle Brian-  Devil
Who'Da Funk It- Sassafras
Jake Mckelvie and The Countertops- So Long, The Scrubber
WYDYDE- Sleeping Pills (Heavy Metal Headset)
High Pop- The Shakes