DIWHY Season 4 - Episode 4

This week its me and Queen Moo, CT locals, champions of riffs, and good pals! Me and the band get deep, talking how they cultivate their unique sounds, as well as what makes CT different from most other states. Now I've know half of the band for well over 5 years now and watching their growth and how the music has evolved with time is something I really admired. I got personal we talk our mutual origins, friends, and how the music scene really helped develop who we are! The Bummer City Historical Society sent in their discussion about proper MC-ing and the responsibility of running a show. Get pumped and listen to an amazing live performance from one of my favorite local bands below!  

Songs (In Order)

The Takeaways- Problems
This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb- Drugtown
Pile- Afraid Of Home
Rictus Grin- Rocket
Mallory- A Stranger At The Door
Sonny Jim Clifford- I'd Rather Be A Dog
Mutiny Amongst Friends- Addicted
Street City Surf- Waterfall
The Myonics- Mama Don't
Rodeo Church- Miserable
Dear Pines- Skipping
Sorority Noise- Medicocre at Best