DIWHY Season 4 - Episode 5

Another week another party! Each week on DIWHY I try get into the real reasons people choose to make music or just make things happen! This week was no exception off the top off the show I get in depth with Troll 2.  They are currently prepping for the release of a new album and where nice enough to let me come hang in their studio to record some live performances of some new songs! Once we heard the new songs Troll 2 had, I brought in Worcester locals and stone cold stunners Superjerk. We talked what its like playing in Worcester, how professional wrestling has influenced their music, and heard them boys rock out! Lastly good ol Louis from The Bummer City Historical Society came in a talked with us about the struggle of getting people to pay for you products. Check DIWHY every week live 2-4pm on WEMFRADIO.com