DIWHY Season 4 - Episode 6

Back for their second time, Jake Mckelvie And The Countertops came into the studio this week and gave the show a great performance! They also talked to me about where they started and how they've worked hard to gain a following. Great band, nicer dudes, always a good time having The Countertops on the show. Also as always I sat down and got to the deep part of DIY with The Bummer City Historical Society.

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1. Total Babes- Like They Always Do
2. The Guru- Ashram
3. Midi And The Modern Dance- A Door By The Pond
4. Enough Already- Drug Dealer
5. Country Death- Wild Irish Rose
6. Ricecrackers- My Asian Grandma
7. Elison Jackson- Through The Tree
8. Willie Dinardo and The Corporates- Ghost (You Are No Longer)-
9. Catalion- I Don't Wanna Die
10. Troll 2- Inheritance (Recorded On DIWHY)