DIWHY Season 4 -Episode 1

Season 4 of DIWHY is back and better then ever! After a long break we come back strong bringing in a couple of great guests. This weeks guests are, The Basement Babes (Creators/Curators of Local feminist zine) and
 Cute Uterus  (The Original cute rock band). We sit them both down to talk about why they choose to do it themselves. Also proud to announce the introduction of our new segment featuring The Bummer City Historical Society, each week ill be bringing them in to talk about a different topic. This weeks topic, new beginnings and the start of your second band. Listen below and always listen live Sundays 2-4pm!

This weeks podcast featured songs:

Queen Moo- Three Humans
The Myonics- Sweat Shop
Choke The Pope- Vanilla Ice Cream
The Takeaways- Problems
Little Teeth- Applegate
Pile- The Jones
S.L.F.M.- Dancing On The Hardwood Floors
Mallory- The House You Were Raised In
Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass- King Kong VS. The Army
Busman's Holiday- (Mr.) Spaceman
Space Ghost Cowboy- Apple Pie
Mutiny Amongst Friends- Atlas Ain't Got Shit
Ritz Riot- All Aboard
TrashLord- Rot Closet
Birthday Aromas- Burn Down The Walls