Season 5 - Episode 10 (Snow Day)

Ok folks

So this week on the show I woke up angry. Don't ask me. I don't know why! Life is weird right? Well either way the show this week was great. Aside from my grump mood off the top this episode was one of my favs. The topic this week was how to get yourself out there and how to get over that awkward feeling you get trying to promote yourself. Band for this week was Snow Day, MA locals and beautiful band. They explained to us how they got signed to an indie label and how they self promote. They also provided us one of my favorite acoustic performances on the show. Listen live below and as always keep doing it yourself.

Playlist: (By Andrew Lowrey)

1. Cinnaboner- Food Court
2. First Few Feet- Tenineight
3. Crooked Lines- Something//Something
4. Dangerous Plans- Matt Wixon's Flying Circus
5. Snow Problem- Space Case
6. Free Radical Radio Fever- Mischief Brew