Season 5 - Episode 11 (Snowhaus)

This week on the show we had a whirlwind of a good time! Today's episode is all about friends. Making them, keeping them, and looking back. Davidson brings in a couple of buddies from his hometown. Also on the show Western Mass band Snowhaus. I sit them down and ask how did they become a family of choice and how they've formed their dynamics. 

Unfortunately this week we had some technical difficulties with Snowhaus's live performance. Bunch of mics went out mid show and some other stuff happened. Either way its on me so to make it up to the ban we are playing two songs (Snow Angel/Playgrounds [in order])  off their new album Nobscot check out the full album via this link and check out Snowhaus on Facebook here!

Playlist: (By Andrew Lowrey/Davidson Weston)

1. Not Your Prey- S.L.I.P.
2. This'n- Mitchell Lips
3. Inherent Lounging-  YOU
4. Secret Type Lover- E.D.K.
5. Life On Mars- We Happy Few
6. Teenager- Young Turtle