Season 5 - Episode 12 (Interview Andy)

Well it's final exam time for Sarah and Davidson.  All season long they've been learning the art of the co-host and on this episode they get their chance to be the host. I figured best way to test them was to pit them against the hardest guest myself. Listen to me blather on about making art and what I think about things. For anyone who has ever wanted to know more about me this episodes for you (not sure there is anyone but w/e) I also play a song. 

Was a great time just talking life with Sarah and Davidson. Hope you learn something about me and I'd like to give my co-hosts an A+ on their interview. Sarah and Davidson bffs forever!!!!

Playlist: (By Andy Lowrey)

1. She's So Fancy- Plastic Nancy
2. Brain Song- Teenage Halloween
3. i don't really wanna try- MALLRAT
4. Vending Machine- Snow Day
5. Goldie- Sam Rockwell Machete Champion
6. Lungs (feat. Nathan Calcagno)- The Justin Arena Project