Season 5 - Episode 13 (Season Finale)

Another crazy season come to an end. At the end of each season I like to look back at what I've learned. This time I feel as though I've realized art is more then just something we do. It is an integral part of who we are as human beings. This season we explored more then just building your band or booking a show we explored individual creativity. We explored why people feel the need to create and how it enriches their lives. 

However, this episode is less of an analysis of creative individuals and more of a fun shit show you cant stop listening to. With the season coming to an end I figured lets talk to our audience lets figure out why they do it themselves. So we opened up the phone lines and had people calling in to talk live on air. Also this week we have a few surprise guests, Chris O'Grady, Dave Crespo, and Karbia Yuan hop on the mic and hang with us! 

This has been an amazing season for me I feel like I've really figured out how to talk to you beautiful people. I want to thanks all the listeners who support us and especially the ones who called in on this episode. Also want to say I had so much fun hanging with the amazing Davidson Weston and Sarah Dizio all season long and having them by my side. 

DIWHY is a radio show where we talk about DIY ethics, morals, and how they relate to your real actual life. Cause doing it yourself is better then everything else!

Playlist: (By Andy,Sarah,Davidson)

1. FM Belfast- We are faster then you
2. High Pop- The Shakes
3. Roar- Christmas Kids
4. All Riot- All Aboard
5. Space Ghost Cowboy- Memory
6. Street Sity Surf- Waterfall
7. Twin Peaks- No Way
8. Deer Hoof- Kafe Mania!
9. The Growlers- People Don't Change Blues