Season 5 - Episode 3 (leaner)

So, when being creative one of the first things you will probably run into is a problem. What do you do? Give up? Pick something easier? No! You make it happen. There one saying in show biz, "the show must go on!" and that it must! This week I sit down with Leaner to talk about not only the band, but what creative solutions they've used in their own life issues. Also on the cast me, Sarah and, Davidson play Birds Of Association (again yes...) as well as pick which three characters represent us.

That's it kiddos little bit of seriousness covered in this goofy thing I call my life!

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Playlist: (By Davidson Weston)

1. Do The Brouhaha - Billy Baldwin
2. Invisible Girl - The King Khan & BBQ Show
3. Separations - Diarrhea Planet
4. Freak Scene - Dinosaur Jr.
5. Gingerale Afternoon (The Astrology Of A Saturday) - Flaming Lips
6. Xanax - The So So Glos
7. Into A New Room - The Old Haunts
8. You Mean Nothing To Me - Jay Reatard
9. Golden Age - Beach Fossils
10. Off The Block - Black Lips