Season 5 - Episode 4 (The Michael character/Glen from Badfellows)

Alright class get out your text books, a piece of paper, and your number 2 pencil cause it's time for class. On this weeks DIWHY we talk to two teachers, Old favorite James Ikeda (The Michael Character) and Glen from NH band Badfellows. James and Glen sit down with us and help explain what its like being both a teacher and musician. They explain the high moments (like showing a student their new favorite song) and the lows (like someone vomiting in your classroom and no one noticing or telling you). Both brain molders bring a unique take on the link between teaching and being creative. Because sometimes you need to be the teacher and sometimes you need to sit back and be the student.
Also on the the show Davidson puts Sarah, Me, and the guests through his new game he calls "Prince or Papa". In this game we decipher whether a lyric is a Prince song or a Papa Roach song.
The answers may astound you in this amazing new flippin podcast that you should like listen to right now so just do it and don't think.


Playlist: (By Andrew Lowrey)

01. KevH wrote this song but then we changed it - Uh-Huh
02. Johnny Thunders Fantasy Space Camp - Shilpa Ray
03. Demons - Earth Heart
04. Your Blue Sky - Bunny Boy
05. Kush Raider - Husks
06. the twist - High Pop
07. Ode to Sophia - Busman’s Holiday
08. edward 40hands - Mom Jeans
09. Up Jumped The Devil - Dead Trains