Season 5 - Episode 6 (Tyler burdwood)

It got all intimate this week! It's just me, one guest, two microphones, and a whole lot of talking. Tyler Burdwood of Bellwire (Band) and Spark and Fizz (Music Blog/Record Label) sits down and talks about something I think about all the time. Building, no I don't mean some townie hanging sheetrock. I mean the builders within your art community giving it the strength to grow. The people who see an opening and fill it. The ones attempting to create opportunities for not only themselves but also others to grow and be creative.

Tyler shares his experiences not only in his music but also what he's learned organizing both a record label and music blog. Most recently Spark and Fizz Records has put out a compilation for Revere Rock City. The proceeds of this compilation go to help Revere Rock City, which is a group that teaches kids guitar and other rock instruments. Due to lack of funding Revere schools have limited budgets for instruments so most kids go with out. If you want to help this cause buy/donate to Revere Rock City the sixteen year old in you knows you should. 

Tyler Burdwood
Bellwire/Spark and Fizz

  Revere Rock City
 Compilation/Pre-Order Tapes

Playlist: (By Sarah Dizio)

1. I Bought A Sex Pistols V-Neck at JC Penny - No Backsies
2. Staring Out The Window Of Your Old Apartment - Jeff Rosenstock
3. So Lonely - King Bongo
4. Medicines - The Taxpayers
5. King Kong vs. The U.S. Army - Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass
6. Dark Places- Burner Herzog
7. Elysian Vows - Wood Spider
8. Australia - attic basement
9. Motel Seven - Marty Cain