Season 5 - Episode 7 (Live Open Mic)

Like the title say this week we held an open mic live-on-air Five artists steeped up to the mic and showed us what they got. Kellen, Herb, Karbia, Penn, Gabe, Davidson, and even me Andy (the host) played a song. This was a fun one for me. Starting out in the show me, Sarah, and Davidson catch up and talk Halloween. Picking our dream bands to impersonate as well as the idea of a Hipster Halloween. From there we kicked in strong to the open mic letting our amazing guests tell us their story and play a song. Finishing out the show Andy (me) accompanied by Gabe (Gabe Straight) cover a Killers song (when you were young).

This weeks show was too fun and look forward to more open mics in the future!

Penn Johnson
Gabe Straight
My music (if you want)

Playlist: (By Andy, Sarah, and Davison)

1. Hey Now Now - The Cloud Room
2. Homage - Mild High Club
3. All My Friends - Stevenson
4. Wave Goodnight To Me - Jeff Rosenstock
5. Swell
6. Chodus - Can't Eat Money
7. Through The Trees - Elison Jackson
8. Crack Baby - Mitski
9. Big Boy Club - TRU To The Team