Season 5 - Episode 8 (Rictus Grin/Burner Herzog)


This week it's what we talk about, most days it's our special place. The things we love and the reasons why are only for ourselves. We choose to love these things even though they are mostly made up.
This week I explore how fandoms give us not only great fantasies but also give us our hero's. If you like comic books this episode is for you, if you like video games we talk about that, and even if you love anime we got something for you.

Along side to talk with me is a collection of the best nerds I could find. Off the top I catch up with old friend Jasper aka Burner Herzog and get the low down on his new record and favorite fantasies to jump into. Next up another one of my favs Rictus Grin come back and geek it up with us. My final guest this week was Nick Wright ex Cultured member and my favorite DM. 

Dungeons, dragons, and a lot of nostalgia this episode was so fun not only did we get an amazing performance from Burner Herzog but we also got a live set from Rictus Grin. So put on your ear bud open up your favorite comic and listen to another amazing episode of DIWHY!!!!!

Playlist: (By Andy Lowrey and Davidson Weston)

1. Twist- Bat House
2. Jake Says- Math The Band
3. The Oligarch's Lullaby (let Me Protect You)- Troll 2
4. Crshd- Weakened Friends
5. Matt Damon- sports.
6. Kick It- The Superweaks