Season 5 - Episode 9 (Make It Up)

Making your solo project a group effort!

This is the first episode post 2016 election. I feel like I need this disclaimer, I feel like from now on we all do. DIY for me isn't just some hip term to throw around or some sales pitch for wood stain. DIY for me is the idea that we can all do it ourselves. That each and everyone of us has the ability to accomplish whatever we set our minds to. That is what we are told is the American dream. This election made us pick sides, the next four years we may become even more divided. No matter what happens each and everyone of us will have to start working outside the system creating our own. DIY is not only a way to make cheap CD's it's a way to unite our communities and create positive change in the world around us. 

Long rant aside this episode this episode was a welcome bit of fun in an otherwise depressing week. Long time friends and the unofficial band of Taco Bell, Make It up came on the show this week. What I wanted to explore on this weeks episode was the idea of taking an idea and growing it into a larger group effort. The band explains how they got formed, who holds the reins, and how they are more then a band they are a family. They also perform a few songs off their new album for us.

So stop reading and hit play already!!!!!

Playlist: (By Sarah Dizio/Andrew Lowrey)

1. Brite Boy- Alex G
2. Fallen Down The Stairs- Elison Jackson
3. Change- Matt Murphy
4. Rhinestone Busboy- Jack McKelvie
5. Penny Licks- Lady Lamb
6. Sappho- Frankie Cosmos