Season 5 - Episode 2 (The Low Ceilings)

Has there ever been a time when you've screwed up?
Wish someone was there to give you another go around?
Maybe you've been burnt to ash only to rise like a Phoenix?

This week on D.I.WHY we talk about just that. Second chances and the quest for hope. The previous time The Low Ceilings were on the show I forgot to hit the one button that makes the audio record. So this is also my second chance to get their amazing live performance to your ears.

Also on the show Davidson introduces me and, Sarah to a new game he likes to call "Birds of Association". Listen to us rattle of bird names while we talk about the new Beck song below!

Check out Ben Meuller and The Low Ceilings:    Facebook /Bandcamp

Playlist: (By Sarah Dizio)

1. Kick Rocks - And The Kids
2. Drunk Drivers Killer Whales - Teens Of Denial
3. ISLAND GROOVIES - Makeout Video Tape
4. Shut Up Kiss Me - Angel Olsen
5. Daisy - Mal Devisa
6. Irrelevant - Lady Pills
7. Happy - Mitski
8. Dvd Sweetener - Black Moth Super Rainbow
9. Lydia - Chasity Belt