Season 5 - Episode 5 (Stand Up Comedy)

     This week is one I've been really excited for. For season 5 we wanted to explore more then just diy ethics in the music scene. I want to learn more about other scenes that are doing things themselves. On this weeks episode we tackle stand up comedy. For the show we brought in four great local comics (John Staley, Penny Oswin,
Reece Cotton, George Civeris) to talk about what makes telling jokes in this city different. Our four local comics go into details about their worst set, how they got started, and what makes a good joke.  No musical guest this week (first time ever) but this episode was super fun and hopefully it comes across in the podcast.

Reece CottonJohn StaleyGeorge Civeris / Penny Oswin

Playlist: (By Andrew Lowrey)

01- Small Talk (Blah, Blah, Blah) - The Max Levine Ensemble
02- Flock Heart, Lock Heart - Jake Mckelvie and The Countertops
03- Heartbreaking Bravery - Puppy Problems
04- Too Much I Wanna Say - Eddie Golden III
05- White Worms - AJJ
06- Foxy Danger - Rogozo
07- Stoned Dads - Street Sity Surf
08- The Deep Blue - Bedfellows
09- Borderline - Low Anxiety