Season 1 - Building Your Band

Listen to Andy shake his way through the first ever episode of DIWHY! This weeks subject, starting a new project. We explain what to look forward to, how to keep trying, and why we even do it in the first place. DIWHY? The reason why is because doing something you love makes the world better! <3

Started a band now it's time to find your sound. Listen to Andy talk to local music makers The Cultured about where to find influence and when to just let things happen. DIWHY? To make some sweet tunez!
Check out The Cultured online:

Episode 3 is about booking a show. Now that you've got you band and found a sound time to get out there. Listen to Andy talk to Coach and Son Family Booking about not only betting a show but being a good guest. DIWHY? cause you can't just play to yourself.

Episode 4 is taking it back to 16 year old you. Talking about our favorite Episode 4 is about writing songs. Listen to Andy talk to Chris, Cal, and Ghost Of Electricity about their processes and how to start making making your own. DIWHY? Cause you gotta say something!
Ghost Of Electricity: 
Chris O'Grady:

Now that you've played some show time to hit the road. Andy, Sorority Noise, and Llima Considine of The Sexbots talk about getting your van as far as it can go and how to keep from killing the rest of your band. DIWHY? ass, gas, or grass no one rides for free!
Sorority Noise:
The Sexbots:

This week on DIWHY we talked about how maybe you shouldn't only play 21+. Andy talks to some Barn Kids about throwing house shows at your parents house and how independent ideas don't have an age requirement. DIWHY? cause they have the heart too!
Justin Arena:
Brian Huntress:

Episode 7 is about the importance of performance. Sonny Jim, Micah, and Ryan of Fourlegged come in to talk about what they think makes a good show. Also on this episode Andy uncovers a great secret Micah's last name! DIWHY? cause going nuts is super fun!
Sonny Jim Clifford:

That moment when your ears open up and you first destroy about half your ear drum. That moment when you and the performance in front of you become one and you sway in a beautiful bliss. This week it's about our first shows, what bands made us the musicians we are today. Andy talks with Make It Up about Elton John, Meatloaf, and a bunch of other bands below.       Make It Up:

This week we talk to some of New Hampshire's best musicians about their local scene. Featuring performances by Tokyo Quickdraw and Lucas Troy of Badfellows. DIWHY? Cause theres more then just your scene!
Tokyo Quickdraw :

The season 1 finale, Andy calls in the friends in his scene to talk about old times and partying in a tiny ass basement. Featuring a performance from Troll 2 this episode was jam packed with nostalgia. DIWHY? because all our friends are awesome!
Troll 2: