Season 2 - The Reasons Why

We start off season 2 with exploration into how you found your voice. Andy hangs with Dave Crespo and Freeze Up (NH) to talk about figuring out how to sing and how our music got started. DIWHY? because you can always just scream.
Freeze Up:
Dave Crespo:

In an ever increasing digital world how can a new band stand out against algorithms. Andy talks to members of Boston Ska and The Boston Hassle about different ways to promote yourself as a new band. Also in the episode is a performance from Sexy Coyote. DIWHY? Cause you gotta tell people you rock! 
Boston Hassle:
Boston Ska:
Sexy Coyote:

This episode covers the morals behind booking shows. Mainly focusing on the idea of paying to play. For it or not make your decision and listen to this podcast. Featuring a performance from Poor Jeremy. DIWHY? Because why pay for help!
Poor Jeremy:
James Ikeda:

Episode 4 is taking it back to 16 year old you. Talking about our favorite albums and what makes us the musicians we are today. Featuring Rusty Things and Patrick Simas. DIWHY? Because we all liked something lame!
Rusty Things:
Patrick Simas:

This episodes focus is transparency as a musician. Showing how you really are and expressing your true feelings through music. Featuring Jon Stone of 10,00 Blades and Hand to Face. DIWHY? Cause it's easier to sing the truth!
Jon Stone:

Episode 6 is about growing up and figuring out responsibility. Andy, Kevin, and The Screw Ups talk about figuring out what make you not only a good musician but also a good person. DIWHY? Cause eventually you have to pay bills!
Kevin Murphy:
The Screw Ups:

Say it loud, be heard. DIWHY talks about activism and how to help a cause. Featuring Mark and Shannon this episode has plenty of advice for anyone looking to fight for a cause. DIWHY? Because you have to fight for something!

This week is all about the party! It's all well and good to be responsible and be professional but once in a while (or maybe more often) it's important to let loose. Andy and On The Cinder talk drinking games, times they threw up, and how hung over they were this week! DIWHY? because I'm wasted!!
On The Cinder:

Andy and Take One Car talk about why we do it ourselves. Listen to an in depth interview with Take One Car as well as a 30 minute performance! DIWHY? Cause if you don't who will.
Take One Car:

This week is all about Ska, featuring Dan Sigman of Poor Jeremy as well as The New Limits. We talk about our favorite bands, what makes a good ska song, and what's the best stories from shows of our past. DIWHY? because Ska puns are Skawesome
The New Limits:

Diwhy talks about selling your stuff! Made 100 cd's are they just sitting in a closet? Listen to Dear pines and Pocket Cat! Records to get advice on getting your music heard. DIWHY? Because eventually someone will pay!
Pocket Cat! Records:
Dear Pines:

This weeks episode is a best of DIWHY cutting together some of the best pieces of advice from previous episodes! DIWHY? because sometimes I gotta repeat myself!