Season 3 - Whatever I'm Feeling

Season 3 starts off with a discussion about if your music needs a message. When your message becomes an agenda and who should really be talking about this stuff? Not me, but with the help from our guests we try to figure it out. This episode has both an amazing performance from both Jake McKelvie and Penn Johnson. 

Making music and being an artist takes more then just talent it also take determination. Putting yourself out there can take a toll and leaving you feeling some very real things. Listen to us talk about the thing keeping us down and how we are trying to work through them. Featuring performances from Chris/Scott O'Grady as well as Jon Kohen.

This weeks episode is about the art of street performing in and around the Boston area. I have with me local bard Andrew Prete and Brian and Mark of Troll 2. Listen to us list of the best places to play, what songs get you more tips, and how performing in the street gives you the confidence to perform in front of an audience.

If your a musician or an artist we are all creative. This weeks episode went from a conversation about art's influences on music to a conversation about being honest with your creativity. This week we got deep! Performances from both Conor Hennessy and Louis Roe.

Music scenes tend to stay young forever. New people come in and the old are left wondering what they are still doing. Listen to Andy talk to Catalion about playing music past 30 and find true enjoyment out of working hard and creating art!

This weeks episode is about setting goals and how to accomplish them. Listen to Andy talk to local kewl guys Billy Baldwin about their hopes, dreams, and how they get shit done!  

So in a different sort of episode Andy sits down with pal Jim Clifford to talk about the state of the Boston music scene. Listen to these two complain about how old they feel and how no one seems to be dancing. Listen to our opinions and form your own DIWHY FER LIFE!

This week on DIWHY we talk about something near and dear to my heart. The life blood of diy music scenes, HOUSE SHOWS! Everyone wants to play them everyone wants to hang at them. Me and my group of super kewl guests talk about throwing you own house shows and how to make them awesome!

Art, music, life it is all better when it is a little bit weird. Me and Cute Uterus hangout with these local weirdos and talk about which is better cats or dogs and what is the real meaning of life. Get ready to get strange and listen below!!!

This week we hangout and get deep with local band Bellwire. Cracking jokes and getting political these guys are not only good performers but great people listen to them and their performance below!

One year older one year wiser our grand season finale this time live at the dojo in Cambridge.

Featuring: Dave Crespo, Sexy Coyote, Leigh Cheri, Billy Baldwin, Daephane, and Sonny Jim Clifford