Season 4 - Why do you do it?

Season 4 of DIWHY is back and better then ever! After a long break we come back strong bringing in a couple of great guests. This weeks guests are, The Basement Babes (Creators/Curators of Local feminist zine) and Cute Uterus  (The Original cute rock band). We sit them both down to talk about why they choose to do it themselves. Also proud to announce the introduction of our new segment featuring The Bummer City Historical Society, each week ill be bringing them in to talk about a different topic.

Episode 2 brings together some of my favorite buds from Rockland, MA. Welcome Brian Huntress (Boxersjaw), Justin Arena (TJAP), And Devin Bailey (Running Laps) into your ears. Listen to me get to the bottom of why they do it themselves. Alongside our wonderful guests The Bummer City Historical Society came in to talk topics, this week we talked about etiquette for audiences when watching shows!

You keep doing it yourself eventually you find others who do the same. DIWHY episode three, well I wan't to say this week felt like we were all sort of on the same page. Our musical guests Rictus Grin (Pogo,Party,Punk) stroll in with a thirty rack of pbr ready to get this shit happening! Jared from Secret Boston was also in we  talked the where the culture of Boston hides, his favorite spots for a good hangover, and how Boston is one of the best places to be creative. So like I said Rictus Grin brought in a thirty rack and three hot tracks to premiere live on the show! They premiered 3 brand new songs from their upcoming album. Which you can find during their interview in the podcasts. I talked to them about why they find a family in the music scene and why they choose to do it themselves.

This week its me and Queen Moo, CT locals, champions of riffs, and good pals! Me and the band get deep, talking how they cultivate their unique sounds, as well as what makes CT different from most other states. Now I've know half of the band for well over 5 years now and watching their growth and how the music has evolved with time is something I really admired. I got personal we talk our mutual origins, friends, and how the music scene really helped develop who we are! The Bummer City Historical Society sent in their discussion about proper MC-ing and the responsibility of running a show. Get pumped and listen to an amazing live performance from one of my favorite local bands below!  

Another week another party! Each week on DIWHY I try get into the real reasons people choose to make music or just make things happen! This week was no exception off the top off the show I get in depth with Troll 2.  They are currently prepping for the release of a new album and where nice enough to let me come hang in their studio to record some live performances of some new songs! Once we heard the new songs Troll 2 had, I brought in Worcester locals and stone cold stunners Superjerk. We talked what its like playing in Worcester, how professional wrestling has influenced their music, and heard them boys rock out!

Back for their second time, Jake Mckelvie And The Countertops came into the studio this week and gave the show a great performance! They also talked to me about where they started and how they've worked hard to gain a following. Great band, nicer dudes, always a good time having The Countertops on the show. Also as always I sat down and got to the deep part of DIY with The Bummer City Historical Society.

This week was a whirlwind to say the least. First in the hot seat was The Nickel and Dime Band. Sam and Rick came in and showed me some of their new songs off their up coming album "Badville". Rick told me how his music has evolved and how he find his inspiration. Also on the show is Street Sity Surf, born in Maine and now split between there and Mass. We find out how they make long distance work and they play us a glorious live set!! 

This week I sat down with Boston based Folk act, Honeysuckle. I learned about their brand new album, how they got on this years Lollapalooza, and their love of Jimmy Buffett. It all cheese burgers in paradise this episode! Honeysuckle plays their heart out giving us an amazing live performance as well as a great interview. Also on the show they give us their tips on how to get help from your community. 

Well let me start off by saying this week guests were amazing. Ben Mueller and The Low Ceilings, 5 harmony machine and great interesting folk group. We talk how they started, prog rock, and what they feel makes a music scene great. Listen to my in depth interview with them and get down to what makes them tick. Also on the show as always The Bummer City Historical Society to talk whats new with them. 

This week I get crazy about the future. Specifically the future of music, BABY METAL!!! Listen to me try and explain how music is evolving and how Baby Metal is the band of the future. Oh, and I also talk to two amazing bands, Roz and The Ricecakes and Digisaurus. Both bands kill it on their set and both get in depth with me about how they write music, where their diy ethics come from, and where they think the future of music lies. Bummer City also on the show keeping us up to date with their lives and their take on Baby Metal. Also check out Baby Metal! 

Season finale of season 4 DIWHY wraps it up big! We sit down with winners of our first ever Contest of Champions, Dead Trains. Amazing band and even better people I talk to them about their process and how it feels to be a winner. Listen to their amazing live performance and keep an eye out for their 7" we are going to be helping them make!!!!