With each season we do a breath of fresh air comes in and reminds us why we do this in the first place. To make friends, and to learn something new. This episode is a perfect example of that. On this one I introduce my brand new co-hosts
(Sarah Dizio and Davidson Weston) and get to know a great band out of Claremont, NH CHODUS. Their intimate but fun sound will be share to touch your heart strings.
Listen below via dat link!

Has there ever been a time when you've screwed up?
Wish someone was there to give you another go around? Maybe you've been burnt to ash only to rise like a Phoenix. This week on D.I.WHY we talk about just that. Second chances and the quest for hope. The previous time The Low Ceilings were on the show I forgot to hit the one button that makes the audio record. So this is also my second chance to get their amazing live performance to your ears.

     So, when being creative one of the first things you will probably run into is a problem. What do you do? Give up? Pick something easier? No! You make it happen. There one saying in show biz, "the show must go on!" and that it must! This week I sit down with Leaner to talk about not only the band, but what creative solutions they've used in their own life issues. Also on the cast me, Sarah and, Davidson play Birds Of Association (again yes...) as well as pick which three characters represent us.

     Alright class get out your text books, a piece of paper, and your number 2 pencil cause it's time for class. On this weeks DIWHY we talk to two teachers, Old favorite James Ikeda (The Michael Character) and Glen from NH band Badfellows. James and Glen sit down with us and help explain what its like being both a teacher and musician. They explain the high moments (like showing a student their new favorite song) and the lows (like someone vomiting in your classroom and no one noticing or telling you). Both brain molders bring a unique take on the link between teaching and being creative. Because sometimes you need to be the teacher and sometimes you need to sit back and be the student. 

     This week is one I've been really excited for. For season 5 we wanted to explore more then just diy ethics in the music scene. I want to learn more about other scenes that are doing things themselves. On this weeks episode we tackle stand up comedy. For the show we brought in four great local comics (John Staley, Penny Oswin, Reece Cotton, George Civeris) to talk about what makes telling jokes in this city different. Our four local comics go into details about their worst set, how they got started, and what makes a good joke.

It got all intimate this week! It's just me, one guest, two microphones, and a whole lot of talking.
Tyler Burdwood of Bellwire (Band) and Spark and Fizz (Music Blog/Record Label) sits down and talks about something I think about all the time. Building, no I don't mean some townie hanging sheetrock. I mean the builders within your art community giving it the strength to grow. The people who see an opening and fill it. The ones attempting to create opportunities for not only themselves but also others to grow and be creative.

Like the title say this week we held an open mic live-on-air Five artists steeped up to the mic and showed us what they got. Kellen, Herb, Karbia, Penn, Gabe, Davidson, and even me Andy (the host) played a song. This was a fun one for me. Starting out in the show me, Sarah, and Davidson catch up and talk Halloween. Picking our dream bands to impersonate as well as the idea of a Hipster Halloween. From there we kicked in strong to the open mic letting our amazing guests tell us their story and play a song. Finishing out the show Andy (me) accompanied by Gabe (Gabe Straight) cover a Killers song (when you were young).

This week it's what we talk about, most days it's our special place. The things we love and the reasons why are only for ourselves. We choose to love these things even though they are mostly made up.This week I explore how fandoms give us not only great fantasies but also give us our hero's. If you like comic books this episode is for you, if you like video games we talk about that, and even if you love anime we got something for you.
Guests: Nick Wright, Rictus Grin, Burner Herzo

This episode this episode was a welcome bit of fun in an otherwise depressing week (first episode post election). Long time friends and the unofficial band of Taco Bell, Make It up came on the show this week. What I wanted to explore on this weeks episode was the idea of taking an idea and growing it into a larger group effort. The band explains how they got formed, who holds the reins, and how they are more then a band they are a family. They also perform a few songs off their new album for us.

The topic this week was how to get yourself out there and how to get over that awkward feeling you get trying to promote yourself. Band for this week was Snow Day, MA locals and beautiful band. They explained to us how they got signed to an indie label and how they self promote. They also provided us one of my favorite acoustic performances on the show.

This week on the show we had a whirlwind of a good time! Today's episode is all about friends. Making them, keeping them, and looking back. Davidson brings in a couple of buddies from his hometown. Also on the show Western Mass band Snowhaus. I sit them down and ask how did they become a family of choice and how they've formed their dynamics. 

Well it's final exam time for Sarah and Davidson.  All season long they've been learning the art of the co-hosting. On this episode they get their chance to be the big boss and put me on the hot seat. I figured best way to test them was to pit them against the hardest guest, myself. Listen to me blather on about making art and what I think about things. For anyone who has ever wanted to know more about me this episodes for you (not sure there is anyone but w/e) I also play a song. Hope this episode isn't too much of an ego trip. ;)

Another crazy season come to an end. At the end of each season I like to look back at what I've learned. This time I feel as though I've realized art is more then just something we do. It is an integral part of who we are as human beings. This season we explored more then just building your band or booking a show we explored individual creativity. We explored why people feel the need to create and how it enriches their lives.