Season 5 - Episode 1 (Chodus)

With each season we do a breath of fresh air comes in and reminds us why we do this in the first place. To make friends, and to learn something new. This episode is a perfect example of that. On this one I introduce my brand new co-hosts (Sarah Dizio and Davidson Weston) and get to know a great band out of Claremont, NH CHODUS. Their intimate but fun sound will be share to touch your heart strings.

Check out Chodus:   Bandcamp / Facebook / YouTube


1. Cody's Theme - AJJ
2. Shilpa Ray On Broadway - Shilpa Ray
3. Zoë is a Redhead - Brasil
4. Homesick - Earth Heart
5. Lavender Challenger - Pink Navel
6. Love Songs For The Post-Industrial Age - Street City Surf
7. if u want - Bad Heaven
8. Tides - Budris
9. Stupid Punk Rock Bullshit! - Rictus Grin